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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Please be mine, valentine.

I know you have all been dying to hear what Mike got me for valentines day, well here it is... NOTHING! No, I'm totally just kidding. He actually got me a 18 carat gold bracelet. I'll take a picture of it later and post it on facebook but it is absolutely beautiful. He always knows what to get me :)

My favorite valentines gift this year though was from a very special little four year old in my life, Huck Paisley (Brad Paisley's son) Kim and Brad took him to the store and he got me roses that he picked out himself then he told his mom what to write on my card from him. Such a cute lil guy. He has the biggest crush on me ever <3
While I was visiting Brad and his family last week, we were all sitting in the living room and all of a sudden Huck said  ‘Carrie, watch!’ And he pushed the pillows off of the couch with both arms and held them above his head and he said, ‘Look how strong I am!’” I could just steal this lil guy and take him home with me.

I've been having quite the struggle with hooking electronics up lately. Mike and I bought two flat screens the other day and I managed to hook those up but when it came to hooking the wii, satellite, and internet up... COUNT ME OUT! I'll scream and pull my hair out if you make me do that. All those cords make me crabby.. I can never put them in the right place. And don't say it's simple, cause it isn't for me. That's why I have Mike, he did all of it last night.

Mike has a game against Chicago tonight. Good luck cupcake. I love youuu <3


  1. Good luck to Mike, I bet the bracelet is beautiful Mike seems to have great taste. As far as the electronics its really quite simple but if all else fails call out a geek squad and they will hook it all up.

  2. Carrie I am so mad and sad that some jerk made you have to delete your FB page. I hope you can return someday.