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Monday, February 21, 2011

Beautiful dinner. Beautiful great nephew. Beautiful life.

This has been a crazy busy week for me and I'm sorry if this blog post looks bad because I'm doing it from an app on my phone but anywhooo...

As all of you already know, Mike got hit in the face with a puck at one of his games recently that I attended. Even though I was a complete wreck, I managed to stay in the stands and not go onto the ice to wreck the person who had hurt my hubby. Mike returned the ice later that night to score his first goal as a Predator. Guess the puck hit him in the right place... not funny, I know.

After Mike's game the other night we enjoyed a quiet beautiful dinner at a restaurant in downtown Nashville called The Palms. Quite lovely to enjoy some time to ourselves and talk about our week and such.

Mike had quite the cheering section at one of his games last week too! I was there along with my nephew Cody, his wife Asia, and their little baby Ridge Becket who is only about a month and a half old. Ridge is too cute though. I could steal him anytime all the time. Mike got to meet Ridge for the first time and hold him. Cutest thing ever to see this 6 ft tall monster holding an infant. Ridge seemed to take a liking to Mike, guess I have competition when it comes to my great nephew.

I've been in the studio everyday this week so far. We already have a few songs recorded but we're far from deciding if they'll make it onto the album yet or not. And the moment you've all been waiting for.... Brad Paisley and I did do a duet together and it will be on his album which I believe comes out in May. You'd think id know all these important dates by now!

Mike and I have sooo much to do here in Nashville. I sit here looking around at all of these boxes and bags and ugh, it, makes me sick. If you want to sit anywhere, you have to sit on the floor... and if you would like a clean dish feel free to go through the boxes till you find one. I'm not good at decorating however, Mike is believe it or not. He designed and decorated our whole house back in Ottawa so ladies, if you ever need help... you now know who to contact!

The dogs have a new obsession with the microwave. They like to sit in front of it, stare at it and then bark at it when it's on. A little strange if you ask me but who am I to judge. If it keeps them from peeing on the carpets and Ace from tearing open bags of dog treats and eating them all, then I will not complain one bit.

As this comes to an end, I hope this blog finds all of you well :)
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  1. Hey your dogs are not bad just barking at the microwave. I have spoiled my boy so he will only eat if I spoon feed him off a plate yes with a spoon . Crazy

  2. Just wish the poser of this site would shut it down